Gothing at Christmas and New Year: Presents, and festive survival

3:00 am

Tweet Christmas is literally just around the corner, whether you like it or not – so it’s time to talk presents, parties, and Gothing during the festive season once again. In this blog post, I’m going to share my picks …
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December in Goth: News, views, and blog round-up

2:29 am

Tweet Ho ho ho bitches, it is December yet again, but don’t worry, this post won’t be all about Christmas –nah, I’m going to cover that in a totally separate post which naturally, you will also read diligently. I am …
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Four Goth-related online long reads to bookmark for your downtime

7:10 am

Tweet I spend most of my life on the internet, largely out of choice – it keeps me from having to interact down here in Meatworld too often, after all. It is funny how I have managed to turn the …
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Work some red into your Goth wardrobe and become instantly high-fashion

2:26 am

Tweet According to all of the mainstream fashion publications and websites, when it comes to Autumn/winter 2017-18, red is the new black. Yes indeed, every winter some designer somewhere evidently decides that XXX-colour is the new black, and in recent …
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Halloween 2017: What to do, where to go, what to see

6:02 am

Tweet HALLOWEEN SQUAD GOALS. Happy Gothmas, minions! Yes, it is nearly Halloween at last, although it still feels like the tail end of summer – and much like the muggles that go around saying that they don’t “feel Christmassy” in …
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Taylor Swift “Went Goth” and so help me, I cannot with this shit

5:17 am

Tweet There are some really, really lazy plot devices in modern cinematography and culture, and I know you all know what I mean: Need to provide character development and background insights on your angry female lead? Don’t work too hard, …
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Goth news and commentary for September 2017

5:04 am

Tweet Welcome to September, oh happy month of joy… Why? The kids have all gone away again. You can now go shopping during the day, catch a bus without having to decode an Enigma’s worth of “school holiday” shorthand on …
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Goth pets and animals for those seeking a familiar

3:16 am

Tweet I am pretty sure that a common Goth trait is greatly preferring animals to people in most situations, and I am no exception-in fact, I like to quietly tell myself that I am quite the pack leader in this …
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Murdered for Being Different: Sophie Lancaster Ten Years On

10:42 am

Tweet Sophie Lancaster is a name that resonates deeply with every Goth, from long-term lifers who have been part of the subculture for decades to the newest of teenage baby bats. The horrific and unprovoked attack on Sophie and her …
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July news round-up and OMG GoT NEW SEASON

5:56 am

Tweet   Hey look it’s July already! We’re already a month past the longest day, which fits neatly into the Goth viewpoint from both perspectives-it means that we still have like, three painfully hot months still to come (if you …
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