Know your Goths: Glitter Goth

1:44 pm

As I mentioned in a post some time back, I have made it my mission to seek out and hunt down all of the various subsets of Goth styling and lifestyle, learn a little about them and post a quick …
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How old were you when you first identified as Goth?

5:21 pm

By luck rather than intention, a lot of my immediate neighbours and the people I run into regularly are Goths and ex-Goths at the moment, which brings with it a kind of comfort in the familiarity of being around your …
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Holy shit, the Brexit vote you guys

1:42 pm

So the UK has voted to leave Europe-actually I am fecking tired of hearing that bullshit. Only a hair over half the population of England and Wales voted to leave, whilst Scotland and NI came out as the common sense …
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Gotta Catch Them All…

8:40 am

Yeah I know you know what I’m talking about… Pokemon Go. As a yoof, I never had anything to do with Pokemon, and other than being aware of things like trading cards and Anime cartoons, I never really got to …
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Christian Gothic

5:13 pm

The Goth community’s relationship with Christianity is often perceived as an odd one-graveyards, pewter cross imagery and darkness, combined potentially with elements that many Christians would probably find inappropriate. The ties between Goth culture and Christianity go back a long …
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The Gothest jobs ever

1:20 pm

While spending a summer evening bitching about life in general and Goth life in particular, my crew and I also had a conversation about the Gothest jobs ever, largely as a result of watching too many episodes of shows like …
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Stuff Goths hate

9:24 am

Donning my Kevlar vest for this somewhat, I had a long conversation with some of my real-life Goth mates this week about shit that annoys all of us, and it became very clear very quickly that we could not reach …
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Lady Gothique’s monthly blog roundup: June 2016

2:11 pm

It’s summer! I’ve got my legs out and everything. The catnip patch that I planted last month is threatening to take over the whole of the bank beside my mooring, and my cats have started to become less productive and …
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Female Goths and body image

4:35 pm

One thing that I really like about the Goth community as a whole is our diversity in terms of looks and styles, and the fact that Goths of all shapes and sizes can buy clothes that fit them and look …
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Goth up your bathroom

7:45 pm

While we all probably wish that we had an awesome Gothy bathroom like the one pictured above, most of us are likely making do with generic cheap white fixtures and fittings in rented flats, probably with an edgy as fuck …
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