Subscription boxes for Goths

2:37 pm

As I have mentioned several times before, I have a major penchant for subscription boxes, which are becoming an ever-bigger phenomenon in both the UK and America. These started off as beauty subscription boxes, which send you around five different …
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Tinder is terrible if you’re as much as an idiot as me

4:49 pm

I like to think of myself as the reigning queen of bad decisions, as well as being entirely too freely led by my inquisitive nature. This combination of traits is what saw me downloading Tinder a few nights ago for …
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LG’s reluctant wildlife rescue service continues…

8:52 am

Back in September, I wrote about the surreal day that I came out of my boat half-asleep to head off to the café that I use as my office, and promptly found a tortoise just blatantly wandering along the towpath, …
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Harry Potter makeup brushes and other swag

2:20 pm

I appreciate that when it comes to the Goth community, people are fairly divided in opinion when it comes to Harry Potter. To all of the haters out there, I have two words for you: Severus Snape. Or as I …
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Doing new things!

6:48 pm

Most people make their New Year’s resolutions in the traditional manner-ie., at New Year. I, on the other hand, like to do things differently, and around six weeks ago suddenly got this urge to actually get on and do some …
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What in the name of Christ is all this “killer clown” crap!?

6:31 pm

So, the clown thing. I know you know what I’m talking about, but if anyone can fill me in on why it is happening, I’m all ears. In case you have been living under a rock for the last month …
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Halloween in London

2:15 pm

This year, I have decided to head back to London to spend Halloween with my old Camden crew, and just a quick glance through the Time Out listings and other sources of info informs me that for Halloween 2016, London …
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Halloween for hermits: Five creepy Wikipedia pages to do your head in

7:31 am

I generally find that the Goth collective divides into two distinct sections come Halloween-those that like to mix it and get messy with a night out, party or woodlands rave, and them as like to be on their own and …
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When the bugs all get you

8:00 am

Summer means a lot of things happen, some good, some bad. The heat can fall into either of these categories depending on how you view it and how miserable it makes you. One thing that is a universal annoyance in …
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Surreal shit happens when I sit down to write my blog posts

7:38 am

I am one of those people that seems to attract weird shit like a magnet, and I am fast coming to the conclusion that this seems to happen the most on the days when I have planned to sit quietly …
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