There was nearly an incident regarding my unicorn mug

9:15 pm

I have previously blogged about my love for all things rainbow and unicorn, along with a picture of my majestic as fuck unicorn mug, which lives in my local caff-come-office. Nobody is allowed to use it other than me, obvs, …
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Lady Gothique’s monthly blog roundup: May 2016

2:05 pm

It is nearly the end of May already, and summer is just around the corner. I have finally succumbed to the razor and relieved my legs of their winter coat, which was not only traumatic but also costly in terms …
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The best ways to white your face

10:07 am

It came to my attention this week that for all of the makeup-related posts that I have written in the last couple of years, I have yet to write a post on one of the Goth staples, being how to …
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Goth art and creative stuff

3:39 pm

Making crappy pasta pictures is about as far as my creative streak goes-I do not have the soul of an artist, other than when it comes to my makeup, in which case my styling is so sharp it might cut …
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Know your Goths: Pastel Goth

5:28 pm

Every now and again, I hear of a new-to-me subsection of Gothing that I either was previously unaware of, or didn’t realise was actually a branch of Goth rather than part of the general melting pot of black, gooey tar. …
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Korean skincare and makeup for Goths

11:23 am

Korean skincare is something that has taken off in a big way in the USA over the last couple of years, but the whole whirlwind of wonder is only just beginning to trickle down into the UK recently, not least …
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Your best “mate in a state” story

6:46 am

There is a group on the dark side of Facebook, named “Mate in a State.” If you’re not really into vomit, other bodily fluids and near-fatal levels of intoxication, my advice is to steer clear… But if that sounds like …
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Some reading suggestions for people who love Game of Thrones

7:32 am

I’m going to assume that the vast majority of Goths are into Game of Thrones, either the book version or the TV show. However, one thing that is pissing on the collective bonfire of many of us is the fact …
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My five favourite Stephen King stories

9:32 am

Way before I was a babybat, I had a marked penchant for horror stories, be they on TV or in books, and yet for many years I found Stephen King books kind of filler, and not as distinctive as they …
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Lady Gothique’s monthly blog roundup: April 2016

3:36 pm

So the clocks have gone forwards and the April weather is unseasonably fine this year-yes, spring is well upon us, and I really am going to have to face the unpalatable reality of shedding my second skin of leggings and …
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