When the bugs all get you

8:00 am

Summer means a lot of things happen, some good, some bad. The heat can fall into either of these categories depending on how you view it and how miserable it makes you. One thing that is a universal annoyance in …
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Surreal shit happens when I sit down to write my blog posts

7:38 am

I am one of those people that seems to attract weird shit like a magnet, and I am fast coming to the conclusion that this seems to happen the most on the days when I have planned to sit quietly …
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Obligatory Olympics post

8:14 am

So the Olympics have been happening over the last couple of weeks, an event that largely passes me by in the main part (apart from the London one, as I was living in London and got free tickets). However I …
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Funky-assed zombie themed makeup for funky-ass Goths

7:14 am

I love me some makeup, I mean really. There’s nothing I won’t buy or try, and I am particularly enamoured of Korean makeup and skincare, because it is so varied and different and interesting. I get a couple of different …
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Goth makeup tips from the pros

2:15 pm

One thing that most Goths have in common is a love of makeup in various different forms, and the art of using colour, shading and drama to create your look. I am a massive makeup fan myself, as you can …
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Lady Gothique’s monthly blog roundup: August 2016

7:29 am

Another month, another monthly blog roundup from your resident bloggiest me-Lady Gothique-to catch you up with the latest news and views from my world, and that of some of the best and most readable Goth bloggers out there. Not a …
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Goth news round-up for August

10:46 am

Every now and then, I rifle through the darker corners of the internet to find out what’s being said in the news relating to Goth culture and so on, and do a quick round-up of it to share with them …
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Ear plugs/stretchers and avoiding the pitfalls

9:33 am

I have plenty of ear piercings, but all of the small kind-I don’t have any plugs or stretchers, and I’ve never been overly tempted to go down that route, not least because I often have problems with my piercings for …
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The stupidest Goth-hating websites and organisations

4:57 pm

Whether you live at Goth Towers, 666 Goth Street Gothsville or are the only Goth in the village and all of the towns for miles around too, there is one thing that virtually all Goths have in common-having come across …
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Lady Gothique’s monthly blog roundup: July 2016

8:30 am

I’ve gone straight from “it’s summer” to “I have mad sunburn” in one day, and now my left shoulder looks as if it’s been attacked by a swarm of angry bees. Working outside on my laptop is apt to do …
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