Lady Gothique’s monthly blog roundup: June 2016

2:11 pm

It’s summer! I’ve got my legs out and everything. The catnip patch that I planted last month is threatening to take over the whole of the bank beside my mooring, and my cats have started to become less productive and …
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Female Goths and body image

4:35 pm

One thing that I really like about the Goth community as a whole is our diversity in terms of looks and styles, and the fact that Goths of all shapes and sizes can buy clothes that fit them and look …
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Goth up your bathroom

7:45 pm

While we all probably wish that we had an awesome Gothy bathroom like the one pictured above, most of us are likely making do with generic cheap white fixtures and fittings in rented flats, probably with an edgy as fuck …
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Cooking up trouble: Goth stuff for your kitchen

7:24 pm

I’m going through a bit of a phase of trying to jazz up my home a little bit, which chiefly involves buying lots of bits and bobs of small, inexpensive accessories to add an edgy touch or otherwise break up …
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Caring for your black clothes properly

12:02 pm

Ah, the magnificent Goth in its full plumage. Resplendent in the very darkest of midnight black from head to toe, with multiple layers of ever-darker hues of more black. However, when all of your black togs start turning fifty shades …
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Bathing in darkness (Can’t resist a good pun, me)

2:38 pm

Twitter, Tumblr and other festering pits of social media-ism have been blowing up this month over Gothy bath products, a large and generally untapped market that I am surprised no one stumbled upon sooner. Heading up the charge is this …
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News from Whitby

6:53 am

Whitby is of course a town familiar to pretty much every Goth everywhere in the world, being as the town is good enough to host the famous Whitby Goth Weekends twice a year. This tiny, otherwise sleepy seaside town tolerates …
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Little Gothy markets and stalls to give all your money to

4:07 pm

When I’m out and about getting my Goth on, few things delight me more than stumbling upon an interesting stall or even better, market of alt and Gothy themed stuff. You can never have too many chunky pewter rings or …
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How to do a wig without driving yourself mad

5:39 pm

Wigs. My mother had a wig when I was a kid-she also had perfectly good hair, and yet clearly decided that when she was feelin’ it for curls, the easiest way to do this was by faking it. I have …
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Goth stuff for your summer 2016 calendar

5:52 pm

It occurred to me this week that it’s been a while since I scoped out what’s new in Goth events and entertainment, and when I asked around and trawled the interwebs, I found that there are a fair few events …
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