How to create the perfect steampunk outfit

8:30 am

Tweet Ah, steampunk – the cultural phenomena currently sweeping through the alternative community like an elaborately clad Victorian forest fire. As a genre, steampunk combines aspects of Victorian adventure stories (in the vein of Jules Verne and Sir Arthur Conan …
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A nice day for a black wedding…tying the knot goth-style

8:36 am
goth wedding

Tweet If you are lucky enough to have found a mate who is just as enamoured with all things Goth as you are, congratulations! Keep hold of that one, he (or she) is a good’un. If you’ve really hit the …
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Goths wear pink too, by Emily Buresh

3:07 pm

Tweet The Gothic Angel team is very happy to welcome back US gothic blogger and creative, Emily Buresh, who we met back in March. Here she bursts the black bubble of goth and tells us: goths wear pink too! When most …
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Gothic Angel meets Emily Buresh

10:31 am

Tweet We at Gothic Angel love to explore the goth community and to meet like-minded people. We were therefore very happy to come across Emily Buresh, an American blogger and creative who was kind enough to write something for us. …
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7 Easy Ways to be Goth

12:51 pm

Tweet Goth! Everyone has his or her own idea of what a goth looks like, whether it’s a pasty-faced vampire clad in leather pants, doc martens, and a torn vest under an umbrella of crazy hair, or a party goer …
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Gothic Aesthetic Enters Mainstream Fashion

1:20 pm

Tweet In September, Business of Fashion published an article analyzing the gothic subculture’s integration with the mainstream of the fashion world in recent times ( There’s no denying how easily adaptable goth’s core elements are. Drama and romanticism come in …
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The 10 Best Gothic Websites

12:30 pm

Tweet First of all, the internet is packed with a huge amount of crap. Valueless tosh that clogs up the Web and wastes your time as you try and wade through it to find the good stuff. We know that …
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Gothic Make-Up

3:45 pm

Tweet All the best make-up looks, especially dramatic ones, start with a great base. Preparing the skin for make-up is vital for a smooth and professional finish. A good exfoliator as well as a regular cleanse/tone/moisturise regimen will do more …
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Goths in Paris

1:15 pm

Tweet Goth fashion had a great showing at this year’s Paris fashion week, with designers from Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy to Céline exhibiting some very inspiring blacks. It may be that you are after a very ‘street’ punky look, in …
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