Throwing a gothic tea party

8:30 am

Tweet Hi everyone – I’m Steff from The Gothic Angel team have asked me to pop in on the blog regularly and write a few articles about life, music, books, and alt. subcultures. I thought I’d kick things off …
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In your gothic garden – 5 spooky plants and herbs to grow

2:44 pm
black magic

Tweet As numerous gothic films and books have demonstrated, gardens can be more than just pretty blooms. The garden can be a mysterious, romantic and sometimes terrifying place. Crumbling gothic mansions are always surrounded with extensive, labyrinthine spaces, where one …
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Gothic tourism: Bone churches of the world

2:29 pm

Tweet Imagine this: You’re a priest in charge of an important church during a plague. All around you, people are dying in their thousands and their tens of thousands. Your duty is to give these poor souls a proper, Christian …
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How to create the perfect steampunk outfit

8:30 am

Tweet Ah, steampunk – the cultural phenomena currently sweeping through the alternative community like an elaborately clad Victorian forest fire. As a genre, steampunk combines aspects of Victorian adventure stories (in the vein of Jules Verne and Sir Arthur Conan …
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Five common misconceptions about goths

1:40 pm

Tweet While I have a real bee in my bonnet about “what is normal” and personally don’t think that there is any such thing when it comes to people, it is certainly fair to say that in most people’s houses, …
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A nice day for a black wedding…tying the knot goth-style

8:36 am
goth wedding

Tweet If you are lucky enough to have found a mate who is just as enamoured with all things Goth as you are, congratulations! Keep hold of that one, he (or she) is a good’un. If you’ve really hit the …
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Links in the Rue Morgue: May round-up

3:10 pm

Tweet Every month we’re going to do a roundup of delightful, dark and interesting links from around the web. If you’re stuck for something to read this month, just click your way through this list and I guarantee you’ll be …
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8 festivals you MUST attend this summer

11:27 am

Tweet Summer is coming, which means that the festival season is nearly upon us. For anyone who is a fan of music, wild costumes, and general shenanigans, the festival circuit is definitely the place to be. Where else can you …
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Gothic Angel meets Emily Buresh

10:31 am

Tweet We at Gothic Angel love to explore the goth community and to meet like-minded people. We were therefore very happy to come across Emily Buresh, an American blogger and creative who was kind enough to write something for us. …
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What Is Goth?

1:20 pm

Tweet  That seems to be the million-dollar question for goths, or at least for people who frequent goth clubs, wear the clothing, and listen to the music. There are a million different variations of multiple answers—the tendency to wear black …
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