7 Easy Ways to be Goth

12:51 pm

Tweet Goth! Everyone has his or her own idea of what a goth looks like, whether it’s a pasty-faced vampire clad in leather pants, doc martens, and a torn vest under an umbrella of crazy hair, or a party goer …
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A Goth FAQ

1:38 pm

Tweet WHAT IS GOTH? How did goth begin? Goth is a subculture that began in the 80s as a spinoff of punk music and fashion. Ripped fishnets and leather jackets became intermixed with the color black and ghastly makeup. The …
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Gothic Aesthetic Enters Mainstream Fashion

1:20 pm

Tweet In September, Business of Fashion published an article analyzing the gothic subculture’s integration with the mainstream of the fashion world in recent times (http://www.businessoffashion.com/2013/09/gucci-prada-roberto-cavalli.html). There’s no denying how easily adaptable goth’s core elements are. Drama and romanticism come in …
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How to be a Goth

12:40 pm

Tweet So you’ve decided to go goth. Congratulations! Goth is a rich subculture with many details, a nuanced history, great music, cool clothes, and clubs all around the world. This is a guide that will help you ease into the …
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The 10 Best Gothic Websites

12:30 pm

Tweet First of all, the internet is packed with a huge amount of crap. Valueless tosh that clogs up the Web and wastes your time as you try and wade through it to find the good stuff. We know that …
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Who Were the Goths?

5:15 pm

Tweet Today goths are a subculture and the term refers generally to those of us who choose to wear a certain kind of apparel and have a penchant for a certain kind of music, often accompanied by keen interest in …
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World Goth Day Interview

3:05 pm

Tweet May 22 is World Goth Day, an event that has been celebrated since 2009. We wanted to find out more about this alternative celebration so we interviewed co-founder DJ Cruel Britannia. How do you, as founders, celebrate World Goth …
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The Top 10 Gothic Pets

2:06 pm

A look at the 10 top pets for gothic guys and girls, from terrifying tarantulas to frankly odd poodles.
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Gothic Make-Up

3:45 pm

Tweet All the best make-up looks, especially dramatic ones, start with a great base. Preparing the skin for make-up is vital for a smooth and professional finish. A good exfoliator as well as a regular cleanse/tone/moisturise regimen will do more …
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Tattooing – Kelly Regrets!

3:32 pm

Tweet Gothic beauty Kelly Osbourne has often spoken in the media about getting her tattoos removed, referring to them as a ‘form of self-harm’. Now, while this may be true for Kelly, I love my tattoos which I have had …
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