Review: Specimen – Wake the Dead

12:02 pm

Tweet It’s been an on-again, off-again 30 years, but Specimen have finally returned with a new album. Specimen’s legacy as a deathrock linchpin is well documented in underground journalism and analyses, particularly the fashion sense of former keyboardist Jonny Slut. …
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Soror Dolorosa – No More Heroes

4:59 pm

Tweet Your average elder Goths are likely scratching their heads at how festivals and clubs are taken over by distorted growling and dark oontz oontz. From how things have progressed over the decades, it seems hard to believe that any …
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Review: Attrition – The Unraveller of Angels

4:52 pm

Tweet The long-standing moniker of Martin Bowes’s Attrition has lurked far beneath the radar of even the underground, despite having been established for over three decades and creating a legacy of unmatched spooky tunes. Sliding comfortably into this or that …
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Review: Mr Kitty – Life

4:45 pm

Tweet In this day and age, there probably aren’t a whole lot of ways to stir up the well-established genre that is synthpop, having had a 3 year run that is still going in some shape or another. Even so, …
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UK Decay: An Overview

11:28 am

Tweet The resurrection of UK Decay has been a prophesized moment for a few years now, given that the Goth rock pioneers have been playing gigs recently for new material.  Abbo and his troupe of sardonic post-punkish fiends, despite having …
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Review: Inkubus Sukkubus – Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell

11:13 am

Tweet It would be misguided, perhaps even unfair, to expect a new Inkubus Sukkubus record to deviate too far from their path of Paganistic rock n roll, a twist of darkwave, ethereal, and rock that has become unique to their …
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Review: Love is Colder than Death – Tempest

11:03 am

Tweet In medieval castles and moonlit forests lurk the sinister orchestrations of Love is Colder than Death, a pioneering cloud of despair originating from the antediluvian eras of classical stratospheres. Tempest is the group’s first studio album in over a …
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World Goth Day Interview

3:05 pm

Tweet May 22 is World Goth Day, an event that has been celebrated since 2009. We wanted to find out more about this alternative celebration so we interviewed co-founder DJ Cruel Britannia. How do you, as founders, celebrate World Goth …
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Review: Gary Numan – Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)

9:00 am

Tweet Crafting respectable music in these post- ‘Cars’ times has always been an important part of Gary Numan’s vision as an artist. Ever since he hit his stride with 1994’s Sacrifice, his explorations of darkwave and industrial have renewed his …
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Review: Diorama – Even the Devil Doesn’t Care

3:12 pm

Tweet Diorama’s penchant for auditory explanation is approached with a finesse that is rare to find in modern darkwave music. The dark synthpop is as present as ever on their latest offering, Even the Devil Doesn’t Care, but fans can’t …
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