A nice day for a black wedding…tying the knot goth-style

8:36 am
goth wedding

Tweet If you are lucky enough to have found a mate who is just as enamoured with all things Goth as you are, congratulations! Keep hold of that one, he (or she) is a good’un. If you’ve really hit the …
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Links in the Rue Morgue: May round-up

3:10 pm

Tweet Every month we’re going to do a roundup of delightful, dark and interesting links from around the web. If you’re stuck for something to read this month, just click your way through this list and I guarantee you’ll be …
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8 festivals you MUST attend this summer

11:27 am

Tweet Summer is coming, which means that the festival season is nearly upon us. For anyone who is a fan of music, wild costumes, and general shenanigans, the festival circuit is definitely the place to be. Where else can you …
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A Goth FAQ

1:38 pm

Tweet WHAT IS GOTH? How did goth begin? Goth is a subculture that began in the 80s as a spinoff of punk music and fashion. Ripped fishnets and leather jackets became intermixed with the color black and ghastly makeup. The …
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How to be a Goth

12:40 pm

Tweet So you’ve decided to go goth. Congratulations! Goth is a rich subculture with many details, a nuanced history, great music, cool clothes, and clubs all around the world. This is a guide that will help you ease into the …
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The 10 Best Gothic Websites

12:30 pm

Tweet First of all, the internet is packed with a huge amount of crap. Valueless tosh that clogs up the Web and wastes your time as you try and wade through it to find the good stuff. We know that …
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World Goth Day Interview

3:05 pm

Tweet May 22 is World Goth Day, an event that has been celebrated since 2009. We wanted to find out more about this alternative celebration so we interviewed co-founder DJ Cruel Britannia. How do you, as founders, celebrate World Goth …
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A True Gothic Limousine Service!

3:46 pm

Tweet For most of the general public, travelling in a limousine is the ultimate in class and luxury. Nothing beats a stretch limo driven by a chauffeur while you quaff champagne (why does everyone ‘quaff’ champagne as opposed to drinking …
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