World Goth Day Interview

3:05 pm

Tweet May 22 is World Goth Day, an event that has been celebrated since 2009. We wanted to find out more about this alternative celebration so we interviewed co-founder DJ Cruel Britannia. How do you, as founders, celebrate World Goth …
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Are These the 10 Best Gothic Movies Ever?

3:26 pm

Tweet In the coming months in the UK there is to be a nationwide celebration of gothic film and TV. You can find out more about this at the British Film Institute, but in the meantime here are 10 of …
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The Top 10 Gothic Pets

2:06 pm

A look at the 10 top pets for gothic guys and girls, from terrifying tarantulas to frankly odd poodles.
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Review: Bella Lune – Secrets

10:48 am

Tweet Out of all the bands keeping alive the ethereal cries of 80s doom and gloom, Arizonan darkwave band Bella Lune have managed to accomplish as much with a gentle and fragile finesse. Since 2007, songwriting duo Fuchsia Angel and …
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Review: Android Lust – Crater, Vol. 1

10:46 am

Tweet One of the most remarkable features of Android Lust’s career has always been the voice of its mastermind, Shikhee D’iordna. The manic and emotional stylistics of Shikhee’s vocals are a welcome reprieve from the homogenous cookie monster grunts of …
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A typo that will make you laugh

11:09 pm

Tweet   We thought we would share this with you.  We even added this content to the Gothic Angel website.  It was only after lunch that we came back and proof read the article again that we saw our glaring …
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Baby Poo

1:09 pm

Tweet Alternative people tend to be fairly alternative from day one – it’s something inside. I know that I was always getting in trouble even at pre-school right from the ages of two and three, and I wasn’t being obstructive, …
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Do Goths Have More Weird Illnesses?

12:59 pm

Tweet A strange phenomenon that has been manifested by my most Gothic sister should be explored: weird diseases and accidents. We need a survey! Do people who let their inner lives play out publicly through costume or behaviour manifest or …
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