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Review: Leaether Strip – Aescapism

Review: Leaether Strip - Aescapism

10:00 am

Nearly the entirety of aggrotech, futurepop, and all other forms of post-millennial EBM can be traced back to Claus Larsen of Leaether Strip. Having kickstarted the genre known as dark electro, he was

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Gothic flicks – The Woman in Black

8:21 am

Hammer Films are infamous for producing some of the finest horror films of all time. It dominated the horror scene from the 50s till the 1970s, when a saturated market and loss of funding caused t

Clan of Xymox – Matters of Mind, Body & Soul

Clan of Xymox - Matters of Mind, Body & Soul

9:50 am

Clan of Xymox’s discography ranges across all areas of the dark alternative underground, having begun in roots of deep, moody new wave with morose overtunes, lightening to a softer brand, returning

Review: Project Pitchfork – Black

Review: Project Pitchfork – Black

4:08 pm

Project Pitchfork’s run in the biz had a major hand in uniting darkwave and industrial music, bridging the gap and helping us understand that we’re not so different after all. Their tireles

Review: oOoOO – Without Your Love

Review: oOoOO – Without Your Love

4:02 pm

A name like oOoOO carries with it the imagery of ghosts and ghouls wailing through an abandoned house at midnight, scaring the neighborhood kid who lost a bet among his friends and had to venture

The 10 Best Gothic Websites

The 10 Best Gothic Websites

12:30 pm

First of all, the internet is packed with a huge amount of crap. Valueless tosh that clogs up the Web and wastes your time as you try and wade through it to find the good stuff. We know that frust

Review: ∆AIMON – ∆AIMON

Review: ∆AIMON - ∆AIMON

1:39 pm

There are too many genres in this world. When the term “witch house” glossed over my ears, I rolled my eyes at yet another name for a type of music that could probably fit easily into any of the

Review: Skinny Puppy – Weapon

Review: Skinny Puppy – Weapon

11:41 am

The recent albums of Skinny Puppy have seen a shift in direction that many fans have decried as unworthy of being part of such an influential band’s discography. But with a career as varied and un

Review: Diary of Dreams – Elegies in Darkness

Review: Diary of Dreams – Elegies in Darkness

9:46 am

Another entry in the Diary of Dreams. We all know the story by now: Adrian Hates’s forging in the darkwave frontier has helped in bridging the gap between goth and dance music, a happy (sad?) medi

8 festivals you MUST attend this summer

8 festivals you MUST attend this summer

11:27 am

Summer is coming, which means that the festival season is nearly upon us. For anyone who is a fan of music, wild costumes, and general shenanigans, the festival circuit is definitely the place to be.