What’s up in Gothsville?

3:04 am

Tweet We’re now coming up to the end of June and fucking shit is it hot. That’s all I am saying on the subject, because I am aware that my regular monthly update posts have turned into something of a pattern that …
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Wedding inspiration for the loved-up Goth couple

2:31 am

Tweet Whilst my own relationship status currently stands at “two cats” and is only likely to change if I um, get a third cat, as soon as summer comes around, so do the obligatory flurry of invites to weddings of …
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Goth makeup for the summer that won’t make you lose the will to live

2:45 am

Tweet What do you get when you mix heavy Goth makeup and blistering sunshine? The Goths in Hot Weather website obviously, and/or a truly miserable day sweating your face off like some kind of less-awesome surrealist artwork. Understandably, a lot of Goths take a …
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Gothy news, views and commentary for May and June

2:43 am

Tweet Been having a holiday from the internet? The can’t-be-arsed is particularly strong in you this month? Worry not. In this blog post, I’ll provide my usual quick-and-dirty round-up of what’s been happening in the world at large and the Goth world …
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A political horror story in four chapters

8:43 am

Tweet Woo-hoo it’s bank-holiday-arama, or May, as I believe it is more traditionally known. While it is persisting down outside of the window right now, I feel as if I am properly coming out of the winter doldrums-I have even considered spring …
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Do most Goths have an inappropriate sense of humour?

8:36 am

Tweet My father and to a somewhat lesser extent, me, have a seriously inappropriate sense of humour. I mean I’m not going to mince words-my father can be both hilariously funny and a total dickhead too,often at the same time. For …
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Five interesting and unique Gothy makeup ideas

2:08 am

Tweet Goth makeup is a whole universe of its own, and there are virtually no limits in terms of what you can do and experiment with. Even a look gone wrong can turn into an angle and perspective in it’s own right, …
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Goth news, views and other bloggers

1:24 am

Tweet April is now upon us, and this month has seen me “starring” in my cat’s uncle’s April Fools skit video, complete with bad French accent and chain smoking irony. My cat’s uncle-David, to anyone who is not my cat-is a …
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What’s new in Goth this February?

6:25 pm

Tweet February is in my opinion, the crappest month of the year. It is usually the coldest, drizzliest (will you believe that spell check accepted that as a word?) and most miserable, and I also find that it is the …
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Is Donald Trump mentally ill? Also, the apocalypse

4:24 pm

Tweet I don’t think many Goths were exactly expecting happy things from the Trump presidency, but then I also doubt many of us could have predicted the mortal shitshow that his term of literally less than two weeks so far …
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