Five interesting and unique Gothy makeup ideas

2:08 am

Tweet Goth makeup is a whole universe of its own, and there are virtually no limits in terms of what you can do and experiment with. Even a look gone wrong can turn into an angle and perspective in it’s own right, …
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Goth news, views and other bloggers

1:24 am

Tweet April is now upon us, and this month has seen me “starring” in my cat’s uncle’s April Fools skit video, complete with bad French accent and chain smoking irony. My cat’s uncle-David, to anyone who is not my cat-is a …
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What’s new in Goth this February?

6:25 pm

Tweet February is in my opinion, the crappest month of the year. It is usually the coldest, drizzliest (will you believe that spell check accepted that as a word?) and most miserable, and I also find that it is the …
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Is Donald Trump mentally ill? Also, the apocalypse

4:24 pm

Tweet I don’t think many Goths were exactly expecting happy things from the Trump presidency, but then I also doubt many of us could have predicted the mortal shitshow that his term of literally less than two weeks so far …
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January 2017 New Year’s roundup and gossip

9:27 am

Tweet 2017 is here at last, and I think I speak for all of us when I say thanks to whatever deity is listening for the fact that 2016 is done. I mean, what a total shitbag of a year, …
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What Goth TV shows should you be watching this year?

7:02 am

Tweet As I think I have mentioned before, TV as in the actual unit of a TV itself with a dish or aerial or whatever you need these days to get a signal is a bit of a mystery to …
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Christmas 2016 for Goths

6:57 am

Tweet It’s that time once again, minions-the real Christmas, the one that’s not Halloween. Whether you’re all about rocking the crappy sweaters or like to hide away until the whole thing is over, very few of us get through the …
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What’s been happening in Goth world in the last month or so?

9:23 am

Tweet I haven’t done a big-ass roundup of what’s been happening in the news relating to the Goth community and what other Gothy bloggers are up to for a few weeks now. However, being as the shitshow that is 2016 …
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Subscription boxes for Goths

2:37 pm

Tweet As I have mentioned several times before, I have a major penchant for subscription boxes, which are becoming an ever-bigger phenomenon in both the UK and America. These started off as beauty subscription boxes, which send you around five …
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Tinder is terrible if you’re as much as an idiot as me

4:49 pm

Tweet I like to think of myself as the reigning queen of bad decisions, as well as being entirely too freely led by my inquisitive nature. This combination of traits is what saw me downloading Tinder a few nights ago …
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